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If the criminal case was all that was involved with DUI representation you could hire a run-of the mill criminal attorney to advocate for your rights.

This is where the second front comes in, the Department of Licensing administrative hearing. A hearing that can take your license, subject you to expensive SR-22 high risk insurance and require an Ignition Interlock device be placed in your vehicle for a minimum one year. These penalties are coupled with a lowered evidence standard (preponderance standard), two distinct sets of rules (Washington Administrative Code and the Revised Code of Washington) and a drastically lower statewide success rate.

At Wheeler & Montgomery we do some of the most thorough, well-researched Department of Licensing hearings in Southwest Washington. Using the same certification the officer was trained with in administering your field sobriety tests (NHTSA) we will hold the officer?s report up to the scrutiny of his or her training before any scientific conclusions are drawn. We will highlight flaws in the probable cause to contact your vehicle, probable cause to arrest you, methods of field sobriety testing, the implied consent warnings and the manner and procedural elements of the BAC Datamaster breath test.

When it comes to protecting your rights, the legislature is not a friend of the accused. You need a law firm and a lawyer who will defend your rights, listen to your goals and meet your needs.

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